Work in Surfinite browser without the threat of blocking

Manage multiple advertising cabinets, social media accounts, work with bookmakers and crypto exchanges.

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100% anonymity and interlock bypass
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Change fingerprint in 2 clicks
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Extensive profile settings
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Distribution of roles and rights for teams

Surfinite is safe for work

Surfinite is an antidetect browser for working with multiple accounts from one device. Each profile has its own fingerprint, which reduces the risk of bans and restrictions to zero.

Step 1

Sign up and download client

Step 2

Install on your device

Step 3

Create browser profiles

Step 4

Forget about account blocking


All your profiles are stored in isolation from each other and mimic the use of different devices.
And you get complete anonymity with a guarantee of confidentiality to log in to any site

Hide your fingerprint

Fingerprint is information collected about a remote device for further identification, fingerprinting is the collection of this information. Fingerprints can be used in whole or in part for identification purposes even when cookies are disabled.

A hidden fingerprint occurs as a hidden request to a client machine. These methods are based on a precise classification of client parameters such as TCP/IP configuration, OS fingerprint, IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) settings, and time offset.

Before and After: Surfinite Convenience

With Surfinite, you access multiple accounts from one device. All data (cookies, extensions, saved passwords, etc.) is automatically saved and stored separately for each profile.


You had to use different devices or products that did not meet your expectations, which led to bans, lost funds, and most importantly, time.



On one device, in a few clicks, you create hundreds of profiles, work safely and calmly. Surfinite hides your data. You automate business processes without risks and nerves.



Configure the browser for yourself

Perform KPIs with minimal effort


Is it possible to run several profiles at the same time and work on them?

Yes. The browser allows you to run multiple profiles at the same time.

Can I use the same account on 2 or more devices?

Multiple members can be added under the same account, and can also log in in different browsers.

What settings can be configured in the browser?

You can configure almost all available options.

How often do you update your browser? Do you consider the wishes of users when updating?

The browser is constantly evolving. We thoroughly analyze all the wishes of customers. We immediately take the top ones into work.

What operating systems (OS) does your browser run on?

The browser works on all popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS (including M1 processors)

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for a subscription using cryptocurrencies, bank cards, Paypal, Qiwi and other payment systems

What guarantees that the account will not be banned? How exactly do you change your digital fingerprint?

Nobody can give 100% guarantees, but we ourselves actively use our browser for different purposes and can confirm the highest degree of anonymity.